When one thinks of Tiffany, watches are not usually the first thing that comes to mind.  One thinks of jewelry, and those adorable little blue-green boxes in which they’re packaged.

But Tiffany does make watches – or at least, they sell them.  In all likelihood, they’re made for Tiffany, but they are quality timepieces.  This is not a case of a company slapping their name on any old timepiece just so they can claim that they have a watch or two in their catalog.  In fact, Tiffany has dozens of different models to choose from, and they’ve been selling watches for years.

The latest line is their “Metro” series, which is supposed to evoke the spirit of New York city, or something.

Tiffany Metro PinkThe watches have a traditional round face that is modestly sized at 28 mm.  You can buy it either stainless steel or rose gold.   Movements are either a quartz movement from Rhonda or an automatic movement from Soprod.

And diamonds.  The Tiffany Metro watches have lots of diamonds.  Each one has a diamond on the crown, and most of them also have diamonds around the face.  They’re not overly bling-y, though – though there are a lot fo diamonds on some of the models, they’re not all that blatant about it.  As with everything Tiffany sells, the placement of the diamonds is tasteful.

There’s color galore in the Metro line, too.  Yes, you can get a watch with a white face if you like, but most of them lean towards pastels, with a few models in pink and a pale blue.  There’s also a darker blue and a burgundy.

Tiffany Metro Rose GoldYou won’t find a lot of variation in features, however.  Aside from the two different movements, there appears to be no difference in features aside from the fact that about half of the models have an inset 60 second dial at the 6 o’clock position.

After that, you’ll have to decide if you want the metal bracelet or the leather variety.  That’s up to you, of course, and the leather straps are colored to match the watch face.

The watches have a “glamorous casual” look to them, and the company says that they’re designed so that you can wear them either in the daytime or in the evening.   They also come with 50 meters of water resistance, though I’m usually reluctant to get any watch that has diamonds anywhere near water.

You certainly won’t want to get near water with a leather strap, either, but 50 meters it is, regardless of whether you’re getting wet or not.

As is always the case with anything from Tiffany, the price is going to be the sticking point for a lot of would-be buyers.  The Tiffany Metro watch is not an inexpensive timepiece.  In fact, the least expensive model is just under $4000, and that will get you a stainless steel case, a leather strap, and no inset 60 second dial.

It still comes with a dozen diamonds to represent the hour indices on the face.  At the high end, for a rose gold case and lots of diamonds all around, you can expect to pay about $16,000.

It will still come in that adorable little blue box, too.