I created this blog to write about watches for women, and sometimes it’s hard to do.   There are plenty of watches that are designed for women.  Don’t get me wrong.

The problem is that the entire industry is largely drive by men.  Men run the companies.  Men do the designing.  The companies presume that men will do the buying.

michele watch cape ivoryBecause of this, most of the watches are designed for men.  Some are branded as “unisex,” and that suggests that anyone can wear them, but what unisex watches usually are is “men’s watches in a somewhat smaller size.”

Michele watches is changing that.

Men also get the benefit of complications and innovation, while the companies that make watches for women usually don’t add such things to their women’s models.  Instead, they glitz them up by making cases out of gold or adding diamonds.

michele watch teal gradientThat’s changing, and we’re starting to see more complications in women’s watches, but one thing you don’t see often is an entire watch line designed for women.   Michele watches are a notable exception; their entire line has been created for women.

The company isn’t new; they’ve been around since the 1940s.  They were eventually acquired by the Fossil Group, which owns a lot of watch companies besides their flagship brand.  They’ve largely left Michele watches alone, and that’s a good thing.

First of all, Michele watches are attractive.  All of them.  The company has at least 150 different models and they’re all pretty enough that most any woman I know would be happy to have any of them.

michele watch mini-diamondMichele watches range from the largely affordable to the almost unaffordable, starting at about $400 but quickly running into the low thousands of dollars.   If you’re buying one of their watches in that price range, you’ll find that you’ll be well-rewarded.  Most of their more expensive models feature gold cases and diamonds.  Some of them feature lots of diamonds.

Their styling ranges from elegant-sporty to elegant-elegant.  Elegant-sporty means that they make a number of chronographs that are adorned with diamonds.  That may seem silly, but chronographs are popular with both sexes, probably because the stopwatch features are useful.

The elegant-elegant models are simply pretty, time-only watches that will look great on your wrist for that not-often-enough evening out on the town.

One place where Michele watches aren’t overly innovative anymore is in their movements.  They used to make mechanical watches (didn’t everyone?) but these days, they’re strictly in the quartz camp.  The movements are Swiss-made, and the upside is that you’re not going to have to worry about maintenance much.  Change the batteries every now and again and you’ll be good to go.

You’ll find that they’re high quality timepieces and Michele watches reviews tend to be positive across the board.  People like them, and they’re introducing new models all the time.

While they might seem expensive, they’re a lot more affordable than other brands that make gorgeous models for women, such as Chopard.   Like Michele, Chopard watches reviews are also glowing, as you might expect, but their watches also have prices that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course, if you can’t find one that you like right now, I’d be surprised.  Their selection is large enough that anyone should be able to find one that they like.   Whether you can afford them is another matter, as the typical watch in their line is going to cost $1000-$2000.  I think they’re worth it.