My name is Diane, and this is my blog.  I’m a sometime jewelry designer living in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Art and style have long been a passion of mine. I’m particularly interested in jewelry, but this blog isn’t about jewelry in general; it’s about wristwatches as


There have been a lot of blogs about watches, but most of them have been created about watches for men.  There is nothing wrong with that, but men’s watches are often so…ordinary.

Women’s watches, at least when done right, are true works of art and functional things of beauty.

It takes a lot of effort to take a clock, add some jewels or precious metals, and turn it into something that a woman would truly want to wear, just as she’d want to wear her finest necklace, bracelet, or a string of pearls.

It’s harder to do than you realize, and making a watch that’s shiny or has a bunch of crystals on it, is not what makes a watch beautiful.

I created this blog to showcase some truly amazing watches for women that I think are being overlooked in the male-centric watch blogging world.