When it comes to watches, it seems that men get all the fun.  Women’s watches are usually made to be pretty, but they generally lack the features of men’s watches.  Furthermore, they’re rarely seen with interesting complications or with a “skeleton” style, that allows you to see the inner workings of the timepiece.

Granted, creating a timepiece with visual moving gears while still making the watch attractive to the eye so it will work as a functional piece of jewelry is a tough trick to pull off.

It looks like Breguet has done it, however, with their recently-introduced Tradition Dame 7038.

Don’t be fooled by the odd or awkward name.  This is a beautiful, elegant watch that people will beg to see when it’s on your wrist.

The watch has a 37mm rose gold case that is rimmed with 68 diamonds, all mounted to a white leather strap.  The case has a crystal back, allowing you to view the exquisite movement from both sides of this magnificent timepiece.

breguet tradtion dame 7038The dial is mother of pearl and the hands are rose gold.

The timepiece is self-winding, which will be convenient if you’re wearing it often, as you won’t have to wind it regularly.  The 38 jewel movement has a 50 hour power reserve, and the watch is water resistant to 30 meters.  For most wearers, this is not going to be an issue, as you likely will not find yourself wearing this beautiful watch anywhere near the water.

The standard model is rose gold, though a white gold model is also available.  Each model will be numbered and signed and the Tradition Dame 7038 will be a limited-issue watch, though Breguet has not announced how many pieces will be made.

Unfortunately, they also have not announced the price, though one site I saw the other day mentioned a retail price of approximately $40,000.

As I previously mentioned, it’s rather unusual to see skeleton watches for women, especially in this price range.  There’s a certain elegance that one expects to see in a $40,000 watch and mechanical contrivances usually conflict with that.

Still, Breguet, which has been in business since 1775, has a long history of finding a way to make something that was intended to be merely functional attractive.

Admittedly, the 68 diamonds surrounding the dial don’t hurt a bit.

While I don’t think I’ll be buying this one (it’s only available at a handful of retailers worldwide and only 2 in America), I can certainly put it on my Dream List.

You can read more about the Tradition Dame 7038 at the company’s Website.